Jacy von Alveran  - Boy
   geb: 30.09.2015
  Red Silber Classic Tabby White
Vather: World Champion Tahoe's Grizzly
Mother: Skysupernova Walery

HCM Screening2016 -  negativ
HCM Screening2017 -  negativ
  Jacy von Alveran - 17 Monate
Jacy is a very big son from Grizzly.
He is a lovely boy with very nice temper. His development is great.

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  Joker von Alveran
geb. 24.06.2014
Black Classic Tabby
(Delution and Nonagouti)
Father: World Chapion Tahoe's Grizzly
Mother: Langstteich's Sexy Blue Jevel

     HCM Screening 2018 -  negativ
  Joker von Alveran 12,5 Kg      
Joker is a great mix between
Grizzly and Sexy Blue Jewel.
17 Month - 12,5 Kg
Joker lives with my friend.

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Tahoe's Grizzly (neutered)

Black Tabby Mackerel
HCM Screening Negative

 Grizzly's parents comes from the
Big El Dorado Maine Coon.

Father: Hiawatha of El Dorado
Mother: Umatilla of El Dorado


Our Big Bear is a giant with an
extremely XL body on high legs,
with strong muscles and big paws.
(11 Kg)
He has a very beautiful coat texture
and contrast.
His Mackerel Tabby is excellent.

Grizzly is an absolutely sweet and
lovable boy.
Dez. 2010 - Big International Champion
and Best in Show

Best in Show at Bobingen and
2. Place at the European Ring

at Ruhpolding (30 Cats!)
Best in Show at Unterhaching

Special Price at Dachau
Special Price at Moosburg
Best in Colour and nom. Best in Show
at Gundelfingen

  Grizzly is WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Thank you Daniela for him,
we are very proud to own
such a wonderful boy.


          Pedigree  Pictures

  Cero von Alveran (neutered)
geb. 08.08.2014
Black Silver Classic Tabby
(Delution and Nonagouti)
Father: Gr. Eu. Ch. Gerry-Boy v. Weschi

Mother: Wynona von Alveran

       HCM Sceening 
       Oktober 2015 -  negativ
  ,Cero von Alveran

Cero is really great,
high silver , nice coat and green eyes.
He is growing to a big, big boy
with long Body and very long legs.

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